Why Diesel Owners Need a 7.3 Powerstroke DP-Tuner For Increased Diesel Performance

The power engine world has come a long way since the advent of James Watt’s original steam engine. Power engine enthusiasts everywhere can supposedly thank the frustration that led Watt to come up with the idea of horsepower in order to promote the usefulness of his invention. Today’s engines are a far cry from the riding lawn mower power of that day, but they are not without their issues. Although no longer in production, there are many who have preserved the 7.3L Powerstroke engine, and products for its improvement continue to be needed.

Diesel Engine Performance

A 7.3 powerstroke dp tuner for increased diesle performance is a device that observes different aspects of an engine, such as airflow, RPMs, and the temperature of coolant. Drivers are then able to adjust the way the engine runs based on their current circumstances. There are a couple of DP-Tuner options for light duty diesel drivers seeking to add aftermarket improvements to their engine performance. Both F5 and F6 chips can be programmed with up to sixteen operator chosen tunes. The F6 chip is able to be programmed without being removed from the truck with programs emailed to the customer from Strictly Diesel. The F5 chip must be removed and returned to the company for downloading of new programs. Both chips influence engine performance based on the operator’s needs.

How a DP-Tuner F6 Chip Works

Performance increasing devices like the F6 chip improve engine power, delivery, torque and operation. Each of these elements is related, and the needed balance of them changes depending on the diesel operator’s use of the vehicle at any given moment. Torque is a measurement of the rotation produced by the force of an object influencing another object, causing it to rotate. In the case of a diesel engine, the rotation being measured is that of the engine around a crankshaft. Horsepower is the measure of how quickly the engine produces torque. Between the initiation of these two measurements, powerful delivery and performance are determined.

The F6 DP-Tuner chip available from Strictly Diesel is a user-friendly, fast-paced option for increasing diesel engine performance. There are several versions offered for customizing one’s chip and display. This masterfully crafted aftermarket diesel engine option continues to keep the 7.3L Powerstroke engine relevant, continuing Ford’s diesel legacy. The Powerstroke continues to be a diesel powerhouse, thanks to the expert aftermarket extensions available in products like the F6 chip.