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Choosing the Best Razor
Your choice of a razor in shaving goes a long way in making a difference.
It is very interesting to note that many people will think that you are on drugs if you have radical changes in your appearance but read more now. It is very possible for people to label you a drug addict if you suddenly ignore hygiene and start growing a beard.This is very disturbing but true. Your ability to secure a job may depend on your shave. However, wait a minute, what razor do you use and what are the implications? To know how to get the best razor, read on although you can get info here.
The number of blades in a razor is very relevant. People fail to attach great meaning to the number of blades a razor has. The razors that have two blades perform differently from those that have three or four blades. The number of blades that you need will depend on your facial hair status.If for instance, you desire a clean, smooth shave; you will be better with a pack of 4 to 5 razor blades.
The other thing is to get a razor that is your companion in moving. The easiest way to know if you are using a cheap razor is when you nick and cut yourself.You may be misguided that it is your fault to nick yourself. You will be amazed to know that most of the times, the main culprit is the razor.To avoid this, you are better off to avoid using razors with stationery blades. You will not be as likely to cut yourself if you use razors with movable blades.
The other thing you need to pay attention is the change of blades but you can check it out here. Many times, the careful spenders will be hesitant to change their razor blades.If your blades are replaceable, you are hesitant to replace them because it may be expensive. Again, being in the shower may not present a favorable situation for you to change or replace the blades. Your facial hair will suffer as a result of this. Shaving daily may be the best option for those who have coarse hair.Without this, it will be hard to maintain a clean shave.
If a clean shave doesn’t come as fast as it used to come, be sure to change your blades. Not changing the razor may require you to continue shaving at the same spot to get the perfect shave.
Men’s razors are not the same as women’s razors. Female razors are different from male razors from a technical point of view. The differences are only available to those who will dare to look closely but you can view here. The weight of the handle, blade flexibility, lubricating strips and other factors are some most ignored differences but you can click here.

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