Top Gifts For Coworkers

Every office has its own culture, and in some workplaces the occasional gift exchange is common. Buying gifts for coworkers is often a challenge, since office relationships are not often as close as friendships or family relationships. It can be difficult to find gifts that are right for each person but not overly personal. The following are a few suggestions for simple, affordable gifts that are suitable for any occasion.

Cute Coffee Mugs

Mugs that are printed with clever sayings and images make great gifts because almost everyone enjoys a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in the break room. Try to match the humor to the recipient to make the gift more personal.


Another useful gift is a day-by-day planner, and the best type to look for is an un-dated planner that lets the user fill in the calendar date and day. Planners come in many attractive colors and patterns, so it’s easy to find something to fit a co-worker’s tastes.

Snacks Or Sweets

Though it may not be the best gift for someone who is watching their weight, many people will be happy to get a box of their favorite candy or snacks. Consider the individual’s tastes and look for something that is a little more luxurious or exotic than his or her usual fare. For the chocolate lover, a box of high-end or locally made chocolates could be an ideal gift.


Scented candles can add a pleasant aroma and ambiance to an office space, but in some offices, flames are not permitted. If that’s the case, consider electric candles. They create a gentle, wavering light like a candle flame, and they won’t set off a smoke alarm.

Bath Products

Nothing promises relaxation like a nice hot bath with aromatic bath salts, soap, shampoo, and other products. While bath products are more often given to women than men, there are also plenty of bath products that are designed specifically for men to enjoy.


A plant can make any room more inviting, but not everyone has a green thumb. However, succulent plants like jade, aloe, and cactus are easy to care for. They require relatively little water, and they survive well indoors.